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About Us


In San Francisco in 1989, it was our CEO who invented the limitless, unfettered bike courier. He adored the courier pack’s practicality and ease of use, and he insisted on having one for everyone.

It was never really about the bags, but rather what the messenger pack could do. Another group of people appeared, floating amid the chaos, going from meeting to meeting and oblivious to the city’s problems.

Thirty years later, we are faced with enormous challenges, including the building of high-quality packaging and care for our general environment, as well as a critical examination of the past and the future.

We're here to assist you in selecting the ideal bagpack.

It feels liberating to travel with only one bag. All of your critical belongings are in your arms, and you are compelled to chop down the ostensibly significant shopping products of a large number of people's lives, without which you can seldom exist. With a bag, you may easily float from one location to the next, with just enough, but never too much.